Two Tips For Having A Septic System Installed

Posted on: 15 December 2016

When you are building a home, you may find that it is simply more economical to choose a septic system rather than installing a sewer line that connects your home to the nearest sewer system. Due to the complexity and costs involved with installing one of these plumbing systems, it will be wise for you to be aware of some important septic system considerations and tips.

Consider Future Landscaping Upgrades That You Might Want To Make

If you have plans for the landscaping when the home is built, you should make sure to avoid placing plants that have large and powerful roots near the drain field and septic tank. This is an extremely important factor to consider because the roots of these plants will grow towards the septic system due to an attraction to the moisture rich soil near the septic tank. These roots can damage the system by growing into the various pipes or constrict these pipes enough to cause them to rupture or become clogged. Both of these damages can result in your home's septic system failing. If your yard is too small to allow ample spacing between the larger plants and your septic system, root guards may be a good option because these are barriers that will stop roots from getting too close to the septic system but still allow water to drain away from the system..

Have A Professional Calculate Your Home's Water Usage Patterns Prior To Choosing A Septic System

Septic systems come in an assortment of sizes, and choosing one that is too small can result in needing to spend more money maintaining it because it will need to be pumped more frequently. When you buy a septic tank that is too large, you can easily spend far more than necessary both on the system and its installation.

To help guide homeowners as they choose a size of septic tank, there are septic tank service professionals that will be able to help you calculate the size of septic tank that is necessary for your home's waste water disposal. When doing these calculations, the consultant will need to review your home's water meter as well as several months of water usage bills. For new construction, these professionals will estimate water usage based on the number of people living in the home and the number of plumbing fixtures in the house. Also, these septic system professionals will need to understand your landscaping plans. As an example, if you are planning on maintaining a lush lawn, this will require watering it almost every day, which can saturate the soil. When the soil is saturated, the drain field may struggle to empty the water from the septic tank. Luckily, this issue can often be mitigated by making the drain field larger.

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