Check These 3 Areas Of Your Yard To Check For Septic System Failure

Posted on: 29 December 2016

If your home's drains are gurgling and water seems to be taking longer to drain from your sinks, then it is possible that your property's septic system is not properly functioning. Backing up drains and a delay in waste water draining are signs that there isn't enough room in your septic tank for new waste water. If the septic tank is full and doesn't drain to make room for the influx of water, then there is typically a problem with the leach lines or the leach field. To verify that your septic tank is having issues with its leach lines or leach field, check each of these areas in your yard for the tell-tale signs of excessive water:

The Land Above Your Septic Tank's Location

Locate your property's septic tank and check the area to see if the vegetation above it is greener than that of the rest of your property. If you find very green vegetation or standing water, then your septic tank is leaking waste water. Sometimes if the tank is full, then the septic tank's lid will pop off and water will leak out.

The Land Above Your Septic System's Leach Lines

Walk from your septic tank to the leach field and check for standing water or excessive vegetation growth. If you find these signs, then your septic system's leach lines are likely clogged and waste water is being prematurely pushed out of the leach lines instead of traveling all the way to the leach field as they should.

The Land Above Your Septic System's Leach Field

Locate your septic system's leach field. Walk around the area and check for excessive moisture on the surface. If you find moisture, this is a sign that the waste water is not able to seep into the ground. This happens when the leach field becomes contaminated by solid materials. The solid materials bond with the soil and form a concrete-like substance. The concrete-like area loses its ability to drain water, so the water pools up on the surface. This excessive water sometimes leads to the growth of grasses or weeds on top of the leach field. You will notice very green areas on top of the leach field if this is the case.

What to Do If You Find the Signs of a Problem

Finally, if you see signs that your septic system is improperly leaking waste water, then it is vital that you have a licensed plumbing contractor fix the root cause of the issue as soon as possible. Leaking waste water is a danger to your family's health and that of the water table below because it contains a lot of bacteria.

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