The Benefits Of Removing An Old Septic Tank Compared To Sealing It Off

Posted on: 17 February 2018

If you have a septic tank on your property that is not in use, you have to decide what to do with it. A septic tank that is not being used needs to either be sealed off or removed completely. Removing a septic tank is often more expensive and invasive compared to sealing it off. But there are many benefits associated with removing the tank compared to just sealing it off. Taking the time to educate yourself on these benefits will allow you to determine which option is better for your old septic tank. Here are a few of the benefits of removing an old septic tank compared to sealing it off. 

Removal Helps Prevent Septic Cave Ins and Collapses

Sealing off a tank involves filling the tank with dirt or gravel. This helps to minimize the chances that the tank will collapse as the metal rusts away, causes the ground above the tank to sink in. However, while sealing off the tank minimizes the chance of this happening, it doesn't stop it altogether. A sealed off tank can still collapse, which can be a hazard to small children and pets. Removing the tank is the only way to prevent the chance of a cave in or collapse. 

You Can Plant Trees and Bushes When You Remove the Tank

The second benefit to removing an old septic tank is that you gain use of your outdoor space again. When an old tank is in place, you can't plant trees or bushes nearby, as the root system may not thrive with metal in the way. When you remove the tank, you can plant whatever you want in the space. 

Removing the Old Tank is Better for the Environment

The last benefit associated with removing an old septic tank compared to just sealing it off is that it is better for the environment. When you leave a septic tank in place, you are leaving a large piece of metal in the ground. This can cause rust and metal containment to leech into the soil and eventually into streams. Removing the tank is better for the environment, as it helps prevent this from happening. 

When you have a septic tank on you property that is not in use, you have to decide whether to seal it off or remove it. Removing it helps to prevent future cave ins and collapses, allows you to plant trees and bushes where the tank use to be and is better for the environment. To learn more about septic tank removal, contact a septic tank installation, repair and removal company, like A & A Oil Recovery Co , today.