Having Septic System Work Done? How To Take Care Of Bathroom Needs In The Meantime

Posted on: 3 May 2018

Installing a septic system takes a few days. A lot of excavation work begins the process, followed by laying pipe, and then finally installing the tank itself before everything is covered with dirt again. In the meantime, do you have a plan for your family's toileting and self-grooming needs? If you do not, here is how you can quickly address that problem.

Porta-Potties and Porta-Sinks

Porta-potties and porta sinks; they can bring back summer camp memories, just like that. These traditionally blue plastic toilet stalls are delivered to your lawn, with nary a word to your neighbors why you need one. The porta-sinks connect to the standard garden hose, and the water you use to wash up flows right out of the drains in the bottoms of these plastic sink tubs and onto the ground. (You could just wash up with the garden hose, but the porta-sinks make it a little easier and less messy.) 

Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers are full-sized commercial restrooms with a couple of bath stalls and a sink vanity. They have their own water and wastewater tanks, plus you cannot tell that they are toileting facilities from the outside. You will pay more to rent one of these deluxe portable restrooms, but it may be worth it if you are nervous about doing your bathroom needs and self-care out where the neighbors can see the iconic blue stalls and plastic wash tubs.

Need Wheelchair Room? That Is Covered Too

If any member of your family needs a wheelchair accessible portable restroom, you can rent that too. These stalls are typically gray plastic and are about two to four times the size of a regular blue stall. They have a ramp right under the door so that the wheelchair can roll up with ease. There is plenty of room inside to move the wheelchair around and park it close to the toilet seat as well. For convenience, you can rent both the handicapped portable toilet and the standard portable toilet and have them delivered together.

A Word on Showering Needs

It is advisable that all members of your household get a shower or bath in the day before the septic system work begins. You will not be able to shower again until the system is fully installed. While the kids may not mind going "dirty" for a few days, the teens and adults might be uncomfortable. Your teens can shower at school at least, and if you absolutely need to, you could probably shower at your own gym. Besides a "camp shower," there really are no rentable facilities for bathing.

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