Treat Your Septic Tank Right This Thanksgiving With These Tips

Posted on: 27 October 2018

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it's almost time to gear up for yet another holiday season. That also means making sure your septic tank can handle the influx of holiday guests. The added usage can cause a variety of septic tank problems for the unwary, so it pays to be prepared. Here are a few things you can do to ease the burden on your home's septic system this season.

Schedule Your Septic Tank Pumping Early

It's no fun discovering your septic tank is nearing capacity just as your guests are arriving. An advance pumping can help take the load off of your septic system and prevent unsightly and expensive failures. You can also rest easier knowing that your septic tank is ready to accommodate your guests without issue.

However, you don't want to waste money having a nearly-empty tank pumped. Consider how long it's been since you've last had your septic tank pumped and factor that into your decision-making. Also, consider how early you want to book a pumping. In many cases, you'll find it harder to schedule septic tank service right before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Limit Your Garbage Disposal's Food Intake

Your garbage disposal may seem like a miracle device that makes unsightly table scraps disappear. However, all of that waste eventually ends up in your septic tank. Using your garbage disposal to get rid of unwanted food and debris places additional stress on your septic tank, plus it makes clogging your drains much easier.

Solving this problem requires a slight change in your normal garbage disposal habits. Instead of raking bits of food into the disposal while washing your dishes, set up a nearby garbage can and scrape your plates and utensils clean prior to washing.

Encourage Your Guests to Adopt Good Flushing Habits

Chances are you already know what's safe to flush in your toilet and what's not safe. Unfortunately, your guests might not be as informed when it comes to these flushing do's and don'ts. Reminding your guests to be careful about what they put down the drain can help ward off plumbing problems.

For instance, gently remind your guests to avoid flushing wet wipes down the drain, even those marketed as "flushable." Cotton swabs, dental floss, and feminine products should also go in the trash instead of the toilet.

Stagger Your Showers and Laundry to Prevent Overloads

If you plan on having guests over for a few days, be mindful of the added strain that additional showering and laundry washing can place on your septic tank. To avoid overwhelming the septic system, try to stagger your household's showering throughout the day. Shorter showers can help lighten the burden on your septic system.

You should also do the same for your laundry. Stick to washing full loads instead of partial loads and choose times to wash when your household and guests aren't as active. For more information, contact your local septic tank pumping company!