Having Your Septic Tank Cleaned? 3 Ways To Get Ready

Posted on: 27 March 2019

Having your tank pumped is just a regular part of being a septic tank homeowner. One way to reduce the cost of getting your septic tank cleaned is by saving the team who pumps and cleans your septic tank some time.

#1 Know the Exact Location of Your Septic Tank Lid

A surprising number of people know they have a septic tank, but they don't know where it is located. Most septic companies must first spend time finding your septic tank before they can even access it and begin the job.

If you already know where your septic tank is located, you can save the septic cleaning company a great deal of time. You savings the company time is generally rewarded by a discount on the rate to pump your tank.

You can find the lid to your septic tank on your own by looking for it. Your septic tank is going to be located away from your home, generally downhill if your home has a slope.  You should have building plans that show you where your septic tank is located. You can use a long probe and stick it a few feet into the ground to find where your tank is located, and then search that area for the cover to the tank.

#2 Provide Easy Access to the Tank

Make it as easy for the contractor to access your tank. Move any vehicles that are in your driveway out of your driveway so they can drive up as close to the tank as possible. Remove any outside furniture, gardening tools, or toys that are between your driveway and where the tank is located. The cleaning company is going to have to run tubing from their vehicle to your tank in order to pump out and remove the waste. If there is stuff in the way, they will have to remove that first before laying their pump. You will help shorten the set-up process by cleaning things up ahead of time, which may earn you a discount on your service.

#3 Know When Your Tank Needs to be Pumped

Finally, you can save money by being knowledgeable about when your septic tank needs to be pumped. Get your tank inspected on a yearly basis and keep track of the depths of each layer and when your tank was cleaned. Figure out how quickly the layers build up in your tank, so you know how frequently your tank needs to be cleaned. Cleaning your tank out on the right schedule will help save you money by getting your septic tank cleaned at the right time.

Contact a septic service for more help.