• Having Your Septic Tank Cleaned? 3 Ways To Get Ready

    Having your tank pumped is just a regular part of being a septic tank homeowner. One way to reduce the cost of getting your septic tank cleaned is by saving the team who pumps and cleans your septic tank some time. #1 Know the Exact Location of Your Septic Tank Lid A surprising number of people know they have a septic tank, but they don't know where it is located. Most septic companies must first spend time finding your septic tank before they can even access it and begin the job.
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  • 3 Major Signs That Your Septic Tank Has Issues

    A septic tank is a great way to deal with waste from your home. It is easy to forget about your septic tank as it silently does its job behind the scenes. If your septic tank ever gets damaged, though, it will let you know. Here are three major signs that means something is seriously wrong with your septic tank and you need to take action right away. #1 Bed Smells
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